Workshops & Speaking

 From team training to keynotes.

Lance Bettencourt - Instructing

Innovation Sprint Sessions

Sometimes you need a deep understanding of customer needs to guide innovation – this is where consulting shines. Other times, you need team alignment around big picture priorities or a handful of unmet needs to guide rapid decision-making. This is why we developed our action-focused innovation sprint sessions.

Each session focuses on a real innovation challenge facing your organization. In one day, your team will gain agreement around top unmet need priorities, set a vision for innovation, and identify ideas and/or issues to guide the team’s next steps.

Your team brings its unique insights and expertise about customers and company challenges. Our team brings deep expertise in helping organizations to make changes that are valued by customers. By working together, your team will be able to make important innovation decisions in a short period of time.

The innovation sprint sessions are designed for teams who need quick answers, have limited resources, and are seeking better decisions grounded in customer needs.

To get more insights into an innovation sprint session call us to discuss how we can help your team get the jumpstart they need.

Service Lens Workshop

Sometimes a team needs an answer – that is where consulting and innovation sprint sessions shine. Other times, a team needs a shift in perspective that it can apply again and again to envision breakthrough innovation beyond current products and services. That is why we developed our service lens workshop – a hands-on, learning-focused catalyst for market-shaping insights to guide growth and innovation.

In one day, your team will come away with a powerful new mindset and alignment on a portfolio of opportunities to pursue. And they will come away with a set of practical and versatile tools that can be applied to any market to envision breakthrough product, service, and business model innovation possibilities.

Check out our service lens workshop Service Lens Workshop and then call us to discuss how we can help your team get the new perspective they need.

Speaking Engagements & Keynotes

Need to jumpstart your team with some new thinking around innovation, service experience, or customer needs? S360 gives talks that are appropriate for events that range from small team meetings to keynotes at conferences. Lance Bettencourt has spoken to large groups at places like the Disney Institute, PDMA and the Center for Services Leadership. Robert Schade has given talks to sales and product development teams at firms ranging in size from Fortune 500 to startup organizations.

Some potential speaking topics include:

  • How to Think About Markets from a Jobs-To-Be-Done Perspective
  • Four Imperatives for Customer-Centric Innovation
  • The Secret to Breakthrough Service Innovation
  • Building the Capabilities of Exceptional Service