Product / Service Innovation


Client Case Study

A leading investment research and management company sought our help in attracting a new segment of customers with a paid subscription. We interviewed investors who currently relied on free services to guide their investments in the market. We uncovered the unmet needs that a paid service could better satisfy and this enabled our client to design a reasonably-priced service that satisfied the main pain points, challenges, and inefficiencies of self-directed investors.

Product / Service Innovation

Sustaining innovation is the ongoing lifeblood of any organization.

Get good at this and your likelihood of consistent year-over-year growth increases dramatically. Get great at product and service innovation and your company will be respected as the leader in the category.

Product or service innovation is about understanding what new and improved capabilities should be integrated into a product or service to help customers get one or more jobs done better. The goal is to generally to expand or defend market share by creating a next-generation, breakthrough product or service.