New Market / Disruptive Innovation


Client Case Study

A leading manufacturer of motorized recreation vehicles sought our help in defining a new-to-the-world adventure sport experience. By interviewing enthusiasts in actions sports as far-ranging as BMX bicycling, ice climbing, longboarding, snowboarding, and parkour, we were able to help our client to understand what motivates someone to do distinct action sports and what the ideal experience looks like. This enabled our client to identify an opportunity to shape a new experience in a very distinct part of the market.

New Markets

Do you need to jump-start your growth engine?

Then you need insights to guide new market or disruptive innovation. This is a company’s main source of long-term growth and profitability. This is a high risk, high reward innovation type that should be part of any healthy innovation portfolio.

New market or disruptive innovation is about creating a new-to-the-world product, service, or experience that fundamentally changes how value is measured and delivered in a market. The goal is to grow a market by offering a dramatically different value proposition – one that attracts non-customers or appeals to a segment of customers with very unique needs.