Marketing Innovation


Client Case Study

A telemedicine start-up sought our help in shaping positioning, branding, and messaging to spur consumer adoption and competitive differentiation. We interviewed both consumers and doctors to understand when and how telemedicine would be used and what unmet needs the disruptive service would better satisfy. The results enabled our client to know who to target and what service features to highlight in marketing and launch materials.

Marketing Innovation

Is it too obvious to say that marketing is much more powerful when it connects directly to critically important customer needs?

Then getting to the heart of customer needs is tantamount to success. Everything flows more smoothly, and new product success is no longer a mystery. But explosive growth is also possible when marketing innovation helps customers to see and experience the benefits of existing products and services anew.

Marketing innovation is about creating a go-to-market strategy that best positions a product or service for success. The goal is to facilitate or stimulate product or service sales by highlighting product strengths that are most likely to resonate with potential adopters and being proactive to reduce the impact of potential or current adoption barriers.