Innovation Consulting

Rich customer insights. 

Interviewing Customers

Every company needs help now and then! Sometimes it’s because your people lack the time and capabilities; at other times, it’s because your team would benefit from new thinking and perspective.

Whatever the reason, we love to partner with our clients and help them with unique innovation challenges. We have worked with hundreds of corporate innovators from leading Fortune 500 clients for nearly 15 years and have done product and service innovation projects in just about any industry you can imagine (just ask). Working side-by-side with great marketers, product managers, and senior leadership teams, we have seen first-hand the challenges they face and have developed our model to meet those needs.

Our consulting model can be described as:

Tested – We guide innovation with a focus on the customer job-to-be-done – a tested innovation method that we helped develop. [See our Resources page and Blog for our thought leadership in this area.]

Flexible – Each innovation project has its unique issues and our project framing takes that into consideration. We adapt our model to fit your unique needs and market.

Expeditious – I guess we could have said ‘fast’ but quality takes time. We have been doing this a long time – we know where time can be saved and, most importantly, we know when quality demands a more thoughtful pace.

Affordable – We know first-hand what pricing generally looks like for the level of expertise we offer. Not burdened by a lot of overhead, we are able to provide 5 star service at 3 star prices!

Do you have an interesting innovation challenge? Let’s set up a time to talk and see if we can help.