Customer Experience Innovation


Client Case Study

A leading B2B software and service provider sought our help in redesigning its service model to create a valuable market position among small customers who were being attracted to emerging low-end competitors. Via interviews and surveys of decision-makers, we determined which needs were the best opportunities for differentiation among specific customer personas. The results helped our client to envision a new way to serve vulnerable customers that was aligned with its capabilities and strategy.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the redheaded stepchild of the innovation process.

Many companies overlook the potential to delight their customers with new and improved interactions with them – instead focusing on squeezing every last penny out of the operations of the business.

Customer experience innovation is about transforming the value that customers get in their interactions and relationships with a company. The goal is to increase customer loyalty by better satisfying needs related to solution use, customer experience, relationship structure, and business model.