Adjacent Market Innovation


Client Case Study

A not-for-profit MBA program sought our help in identifying unmet needs that could lead to valuable new services that might be offered to stimulate growth. We interviewed current students to understand their other goals that an MBA program might help satisfy in support of their career objectives. These insights enabled our client to identify several possibilities for complementary services in the realm of leveraging new skills, networking, and continuous learning.


Every company can benefit from finding natural adjacencies for extra sales to existing customers.

The best opportunities are those that are complementary to existing product or service use. They offer a low-risk portfolio of ways to deepen existing customer relationships. What are those opportunities? Use the jobs-to-be-done lens to find them.

Adjacent market innovation is about creating complementary products and services to satisfy the unmet needs of a customer niche or to help the broader market of customers get related jobs done. The goal is to grow sales or share of wallet with current customers.